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What’s this all about?

Welcome to the Soaring League of North Texas, one of the largest, most active Radio Control Soaring Clubs in North America offering a wide variety of activity every week across the DFW Metroplex. Every month we fly two scheduled contests, unlimited and handlaunch. Interested in learning more, read on. Better yet, come out and fly with us.

Academy of Model Aeronautics 

We’re an AMA chartered club (#1957) with a membership that fluctuates between 20 and 50 pilots. Club dues are $20 per year with monthly meetings held at alternate locations. Officers are elected annually and the leadership adheres to a long established set of club bylaws.

Monthly Activity

Be sure to check out the "Happenings" page where we post details about upcoming events. Here you can also subscribe to our fun fly mailing list. We try to send an notice when we gather for unofficial, non contest events. 

Come to the field

Our club is about flying with friends and making new ones. We all share a common passion for silent RC flight. You won’t find a lot rules and structure here, just some very good sailplane pilots, top shelf CD’s and solid well maintained launch equipment. What else could a glider guider want! 

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot looking for a winch while in town, a curious RC power RC pilot, or a complete newcomer with desire to learn moreOur diverse membership includes a wide range of RC experience ranging from 1 to 50 years in the hobby. We come from, and welcome  pilots from all walks of life and experience levels. Take a look around the site, then come to the field and say hello.


Maybe you can be one of us...

Are you new to RC flight? Maybe you’re an experienced RC pilot interested in our part of the hobby, or a seasoned sailplane competition pilot looking for a place to fly, what ever the case, we welcome you and hope you’ll join as at the field. 

Are you particularly interested in things that fly without a propeller? Do you find yourself watching birds as they find lift?  Sounds like you may have the makings of a sailplane pilot. No experience in RC, don’t let that stop you, we’ll get you some stick time.

How to get started

Already involved in RC flying? Adapting to soaring is pretty straight forward. One might say it’s like learning how to fly fish, you never really master it, and each flight is different with its own challenges and triumphs.

If you’ve never flow an model airplane before, don’t let that stop you. It’s never been easier to get involved in the hobby with a advent of low cost excellent flying entry level electric sailplanes like the Parkzone Radian. In fact, you can begin this weekend with a club ship, after which you can decide if you’d like to continue. Is the hobby expensive? That’s all relative, for less then $250 you can be flying. When you get more serious, well, at least you don’t need to buy fuel. Just drop us a note and we’ll setup a time to meet at one of our local fields. You’ll be assigned an “on-wing” instructor to help you through the basics of flight. 


“On-Wing” Program 

Our primary mission at SLNT is to promote the well being of our hobby. That means we are always looking for new members. We realize there is a lot to take in, so we’ll help you along with our mentoring program. Even if you’ve never flown a model airplane, don’t be intimidated, we all had to start somewhere.  Check out this excellent resource for training material published by the AMA.  If you’re interested, we’ll assign a pilot to help with your progression. This program is not only for beginners, transition pilots entering the hobby or sport pilots interested in learning about contest flying will greatly benefit from this mentoring  program. 

Come fly with us....

From seasoned RC pilot,  to curious on-looker, all are welcome...