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We have plenty of airplanes and radios to teach beginners with. 

Interested in learning to fly? Drop me a note and come on out and visit

I have a pike I'd like to offer up for sale with SD-10 all for $700

Comes with complete plane, plane bag, radio w/rx , radio aluminum case.

Radio has less then an hour on it. Plane is in good shape with a few repaired dings before I got it.




San Antonio area models available

Rich Beardsley, is selling a couple of really nice sailplanes. He has a Don Peters Maple Leaf Design 4M Royale open class sailplane and a RnR MXC cross country sailplane for sale. Please contact him directly if you are interested in purchasing either one.

Contact Rich via email at:

Tommy from the Houston Hawks has this nice ship available at a great price

Space Pro 3.35 meter. I bought it from John Luetke (SLNT club) in 2005. It was brand new and John built it out. The plane is in great condition. Never has been crashed or landed very hard. All up weight is 79oz. It is not a floater but flies very well in active air or reasonably windy conditions (RG15 airfoil). I don’t fly it as much lately and just want to see if anyone might be interested in purchasing. $300 for plane. $50 more for the Plane Quiver bag I keep it in. Let me know if you are interested.