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Building season is upon is and I need to make room!

these are the first of several item's I'll have for sale

Price reduced

Blaster 3 $200


In all her faded Pink Glory ... she took the SLNT Top Gun a few years back. Ready to fly with 4 diamond digital servos, a 1 cell lipo. For SLNT club members I'll add in a Spektrum 6CH receiver for free.


Launch hook ready!


There's a good story here...


Garnet DLG needs radio install and final assembly

John O'Mally:

Price reduced, now $107

was $155 

Had root rib damage and pod/boom replacement as well as work on tail.
Includes four new servos and four new Blaster pushrod sets. See servo tray which fits included servos.

Priced for local pickup in Arlington. Seems like good entry level plane and of course travel plane.

Garnet fuse and boom is not a garnet, it is a Viper from Top Sky, and is new.

Tail was partially rebuilt. If I remember right, I built the horizontal pretty much from scratch but the vertical I did small repair and mounted to the new boom. Need hinging.

Note holes for pushrods in boom. 4 new Kennedy composites pushrods from Blaster included.

Wing needed small repairs when I got it, which are finished. Now needs radio install and final small covering patches. Covering is included. About 3 small tears need fixing as well as the bays you see.

 Wing joints off center as you see, so wing mount is lifted on one side to get it true. All looks right.

 Without pushrods, this airframe weighs 7.65 oz.

 So, mount servos, rods, RX, balance, hinge tail, a few pcs covering, balance and fly. Wing comes apart and horizontal comes off so you can pack up for travel or to hide from your domestic supervisor


20170318_150412 (2).jpg

Two ships for sale, contact Peter at  

The planes can be picked up in Plano, by Hendrix middle school.

A mini TopSky for sale $80,

Ready to fly just need receiver and battery. Pictures are here

Phoenix 2000 for sale $50.

Great shape only flown once and no damage. Ready to fly just need receiver and battery.
One issue is one of the screw “fasteners” for lack of a better word needs to be re-attached so all 4 screws will hold the wing in place. 
Currently 3 of them are in place but the fourth, as can be seen on the picture, needs to be re-attached. 

The Phoenix is basically a Radian Pro with a plastic fuselage and foam wings.
It came with Ailerons only but I added servos to make it a full house glider with functioning Flaps.
It include a spare nose cone if you want to reduce weight and use a winch for launch.

Pictures here

I have the following planes/parts/unfinished projects for sale

Please send questions or offers to Dietmar at Planes can be picked up in McKinney (Stonebridge Ranch). I will take offers for about a week and then award to the highest bidder.

2 ELF Hand Launch Gliders. A bit battered up but still fly great in the right conditions. Includes Futaba FASST compatible receivers. $50 each.

4 Mystique Wing Panels in decent shape plus broken fuse. I think the fuse could be fixed or a new one purchased. Motor, speed controller and servos should be good. I believe the aileron servos got knocked loose. $80

Unfinished Gambler+ kit. Ready to cover (except for tail) and install electronics. $20

Speedo Slope Plane. Nose is split from crash. I believe it can be fixed. Includes extra new set of wings. $40

Blaster 2. Well worn and battered but still flys great. Last flight I had the aileron control horn pulled out. A little foam safe CA should fix that. Changed the original round peg to a flat one. much easier on those fingers.
I had this plane up at 2600 feet (recorded)!
Also includes an old fuse from my previous blaster. $120 (+ $20 with Futaba FASST compatible receiver).

Cracked Snipe Fuse. I fixed it but it's not pretty. I think it can fly again. $50

I can't remember the name of the little glider (see picture). It was hyped when it came out but is a terrible flyer. I'll toss that one in whoever spends the most.

Same with the charger. It does NOT charge lithium batteries.

I also have an Align TREX 550E Helicopter for sale if anybody is interested. It flys great but is too big for me to keep. It is all stock and I set it up with a separate receiver battery. When I took the pictures I noticed a small crack in the battery tray support. The batteries are quite heavy so I assume it cracked on a harder than normal landing. I reinforced it with a bit of carbon.
I'd like to get at least $300 for it without receiver, $350 including a Futaba FASST receiver.
I'm also throwing in an old Align 450 for parts, a Blade mSR and a Blade mCPX (both BNF).

Please send your offers to


Now available from Kennedy Composites ... here

F3-RES is a "new" movement in the hobby that is very popular in Europe just catching on here in the states. Low tech, bungee launch 2M ship. Very light, 13 to 15 oz with purpose designed airfoils, think high speed thin, Drela like.  Not designed for the winch, toss, slope or smaller 2M bungee.

Contest format is similar to the SLNT class A man on man scramble, we'll be good at this. There are specific rules on format, but that's not important for now, you don't need to contest to build and fly! 

This kit is being produced by Peter Goldsmith, Kennedy Composites will be distributing. I'm working with Barry to  compile an order for local pilots. I expect the kit will be $150 range, I will confirm exact price shortly. He'll also be able to provide covering servosand anything else you'll need to get this thing flying.

I'm creating a list here. You will not be committed to buy anything, I'm just trying to gauge interest.We hope before long to have several flying and a few spares. For those looking for something simple, inexpensive and pure soaring fun, this looks like a great answer.

I'll add more details on our order shortly, stay tuned!




We have plenty of airplanes and radios to teach beginners with. 

Interested in learning to fly? Drop me a note and come on out and visit