This is not a Gentle Lady!

F3-RES is a "new" movement in the hobby that is very popular in Europe just catching on here in the states. Low tech, bungee launch 2M ship. Very light, 13 to 15 oz with purpose designed airfoils, think high speed thin, Drela like.  Not designed for the winch, toss, slope or smaller 2M bungee.

Contest format is similar to the SLNT class A man on man scramble, we'll be good at this. There are specific rules on format, but that's not important for now, you don't need to contest to build and fly! 

This kit is being produced by Peter Goldsmith, Kennedy Composites will be distributing. I'm working with Barry to  compile an order for local pilots. I expect the kit will be $150 range, I will confirm exact price shortly. He'll also be able to provide covering servosand anything else you'll need to get this thing flying.

I'm creating a list here. You will not be committed to buy anything, I'm just trying to gauge interest.We hope before long to have several flying and a few spares. For those looking for something simple, inexpensive and pure soaring fun, this looks like a great answer.

I'll add more details on our order shortly, stay tuned!