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Classic glass Supra. Almost no blems on the wing of this airframe. Airtronics ‘761’s all around, no frames in the wing. Flies great, I bought it as a backup when I was modlie poor. It had been destabbed and I put the rocker on the “V” mount and replaced the horizontal with a Pro stab. Plus I fixed a couple of other issues. I flew it at 60 oz. weight and CG at 105 mm IIRC. Asking $700. Call 972-226-8762

Next a wing bag. Won it in the F3J raffle last year. It won’t fit the airplanes I fly now, but a nice well made bag. Three padded lined slots in the bag and a velcro closed pocke on the outside. It has only been out of the box to look at and take these pictures. 60” overall length. Asking $50 or make me an offer.

I also have some other items I might sell. For instance a Falcon 880, complete RTF without fuselage servos, receiver or battery. Also a Tim Bennett built uncovered Olympic II. Willing to hear offers on those as well. You must see them both to appreciate. I just won’t fly or finish them in the foreseeable future. I have pictures of the Falcon.




For sale: Houston Hawk short kit, plans 


Includes an Airtronics Falcon 880 fuselage.

$75 Rick Oestricher. (817) 781-1269




For the budget minded

pilot who needs a Monarch or a Cheap DLG


  • Monarch in flying condition. Repaired wing damage. Not great, not bad. Complete with battery and 2 futaba servos.
  • Garnet DLG needs radio installation after repair would be a great plane for fun flying.
  • Falken DLG complete, has been crashed and repaired.
  • A homemade DLG fuse boom fin plus pile of tails.
  • Dragonfly micro DLG kit
  • DLG foam wing cores
  • Pushrods, servos

I would love to sell all this to one person in one easy transaction.


call John O’Malley817-343-8306 | email


11.2 oz RTF

11.2 oz RTF

 I have a few planes to sell that are taking up space in my house and taking money out of my wallet.

1.  Supra fuse, has cracked carbon on the wing saddle, easy fix, don't know why it happened.  $100
2.  3d Hobby Shop 48" Edge 540 with digital Hitecs, 5165's and 5185's.  Phoenix 60.  Futaba FAAST that can stay or go.Scorpion something or other that has way too much power.  Bad ass little 3d plane, but tame enough for sport.  (going to miss this one!)  $200  Whaaaatt??
3.  Oly II.  Nicest built up airplane I have ever seen, but built EXACTLY to the plans.  No shear webs in the tips, but if you don't fly J with it, then no problems.  Hitec standard servos. on rudder and elevator.  Mini something on spoilers.  Futaba FAAST rx that can stay or go . $150.

4.  I might sell the HighEnd.  Probably cheap but haven't decided yet.  Anyone interested, please email and Ill take it out for pics or bring it to you to inspect.

Ill deliver any of these within an hour of Frisco.

Jim Schoon


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